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Catching up with you!
February 28, 2012

Here's my blog post to give you all the news of the last... 6 months!  Whew!  I get busy doin' the doing -- so here's a quick update. Check out Old Quarter, New Quarter, Next Quarter – Another “Bleet!”



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"In the end it's what
you give
That defines you
When giving guides the way you live
Grace abides

What it cost and what you gained
Doesn't matter
As to what was lost and what remained
No one cares
'Cause in the end
Your tender heart
Will define you
If you give all you got
All that's left
Is your soul
All that’s left
Is your heart
All that’s left
Is just all you need to get through"

"All That's Left"
by Peter Link
on Julia's new CD,
to be released
Fall/Winter 2015



Copyright Julia Wade