Silk Road - Part 6: My Body

This is part 6 in a series of blog articles about my new CD, Silk Road, which will be released in just 5 days on December 4th!   Here's a really interesting adventure that we all share in common, each in our own way …

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This is a song about my body.  But I’m not so sure it’s about me.  Because me, and my body… well, you see, we’re a bit of a mystery.

We spend our lives trying to figure out our bodies – physically, on the one hand, spiritually, on the other… and we try to get all the shades in between.  This body …  It’s very hard to define. This song, too, is quite hard to describe.  My Body is not a theatre song.  It’s not a “retro-techno” pop song.  It’s not a classical song.  It’s not a comedy song.  It’s not a 21st century pop song.  It’s not a spiritual song.  It’s not even an inspirational song.  It’s not a send-up, either.

That’s because it’s all of these things. My Body is a complex piece with lots of parts and functions –- kind of like my body.

The song pokes fun at my body.  It takes my body seriously.  It laughs wholeheartedly at its flaws.  It celebrates its wonders, its abilities, and it complains bitterly of its ironies and incomprehensibilities.  But it doesn’t much consider me.

My Body is more about life in my body… living in my body … living beyond my body … living in spite of my body … living in this paradox… living here and now on Planet Earth …

I find it all rather amusing and yet confusing too.  Well, you see, it’s all a bit of a mystery.  Me and my body.


My BodyMusic and LyricsbyPeter LinkI am not my bodyMy body is not meI mean to live beyond itIn some capacityI believe I’ve lived before itThough memory failsI cannot ignore itEverything elsePales in comparison

This wondrous inventionOf flesh and bone technologyOnly belongs to meTemporarily

I know not where it came fromI know not how it worksI took no part in its conceptionIts genius or its quirksIt carries on in sleepRequiring little of meIt is mine to keepAnd cost me nothing

Yes it is the house of my consciousnessFor perhaps a hundred yearsIt manufactures babiesAnd laughter and tears

It’s a miracle of inventionIn its breathIn its sightIn its tubesIn its muscle In its appetite

In its pleasureIn its painIn its tasteAnd its touchIn its foot In its handIn its amazing ability To discern TchaikovskiFrom Sargeant Pepper’s LonelyHearts Club BandI am not my bodyMy body is not meBut me and my bodyWe basically agreeTo live, for a time,On this spec in spaceThis embrace of mind and matterThis interfaceThrough this vast universe of illusion And conjecture we goFor reasons That I’ll probably never know

Well we might as well make the best of it.So let’s dance!Yeah let us danceWe got to dance nowWork yo’ bodyWork yo’ bodyWork yo’ bodyLet us dance

I am not my bodyNo my body is not meBut I’m amazedBy both its function Oh and yesIts mysteryBut I go about my businessMostly unawareI sit in thoughtI climb the stair

So little do I think aheadAnd tell it what to doIt seems to work just fineFrom its matter-mind

Every blinkEvery stepEvery breathEvery heartbeatEvery quick reactionEvery wild attraction

I am not my bodyNo my body is not meIt bears no real resemblanceTo my true being

But hey, let’s make the best of it!And let’s dance!!!