Silk Road - Part 7: It's Here!



Yes, it’s here!  I’m excited!  Today marks the first full day out in the world for SILK ROAD – Inspirational Journeys Across Planet Earth.

Having officially released this new CD just last night, I’m feeling grateful and, I admit, anxious over my newborn.  I’m celebrating, and fluttering nervously over my babe!  It’s been quite a journey getting this child out into broad daylight.  I want her to feel GOOD in the sun!

Well, like any parent, made new again by this new arrival, the new adventure begins!  This new CD gets to live and breathe in the world.  My hope and intention is that it will open some hearts and provoke some thoughtful responses at the very least.  (To read the first 6 parts of this blog series, click here.)

The creation process of this CD has certainly changed me.  It brought me further along in my own personal and artistic evolution.  I think that’s the most important part for me: Evolution.  I don’t EVER want to stop learning, exploring and discovering …

This project, SILK ROAD, symbolizes my quest to keep doing just those things.

Before I go any further, though, it seems like I ought to talk a little about the title song, Silk Road.  It’s the third track on the CD.  That’s an important spot on any album. Around here, we call it the Lou Gehrig or Babe Ruth spot.  The first song (or 1st batter) is fast and gets on base.  The second song (or batter) advances the runner, and the third song is the big slugger who can drive him home.  The third song, one hopes, is a home run song, then, if you will.

Not a baseball aficionado?  Well, neither was I until I started working closely with my producer/composer, Peter Link.  Thinking in baseball terms is a requirement if you are going to spend any serious time with him.

So here’s how we arrived at this third position song, Silk Road. To begin, the SILK ROAD CD was born, in part because Peter and I constantly discuss the wonders –- and the problems -- of modern technology in our world today.  The title song, Silk Road, takes a metaphorical look at these very issues.

Peter discovered the metaphor for this.  The idea is that the Internet is the modern-day Silk Road, connecting anyone and everyone: world leaders, the common man, even the remote Maasai herder in Africa.

Inevitably, as it happens around our headquarters at Watchfire Music, these discussions lead to … well, you know -- a song.  Silk Road was born.

Like the historical Silk Road, the song went through a series of evolutions that included multiple performances, discussions and rewrites until we came to this definitive recording.

As we explored the concept of this modern day Silk Road, the enabler in the Age of Information, we began to explore the ramifications and great potentialities of this new road.  It’s a road that can lead us through a more internal path where we can share our thoughts with others across the planet almost as fast as we can think our thoughts … if used with care and ethics.

At its core we think the Silk Road of today has the enormous potential (somewhat already realized) to bring positive change and healing to our planet.

How amazing to think about traveling this modern Silk Road, sharing our ever-developing inner paths with one another.  Silk Road gives us our road map: Today This same road Spans the earth Weaving its silver thread Today In the same way Thoughts are born As their ideas spread

More and more the road goes inward Weaving through paths of consciousness Spanning the concepts of many a mind Traveling the innermost journey Yes more and more the road goes inward To a world beyond space and time

The ancient Silk Roads enabled man to explore and connect Planet Earth.  Perhaps this modern Silk Road can enable us to explore the more spiritual landscape of our lives.

You can listen to samples of the songs on this CD as well as download them here.

Silk RoadMusic and Lyrics by Peter Link

Traveling down the Silk RoadTraveling down the Silk RoadWeaving the silver threads of knowledgeWe spin our livesTraveling down the Silk Road

Traveling down the Silk RoadTraveling down the Silk RoadSpanning a world in evolutionWe journey onTraveling down the Silk Road

We’re traveling down the Silk RoadTo a different drumTo a different soundTo a better worldTo a higher ground

We have a chance nowThere’s a Silk Road connecting hearts and minds Showing all mankind Just what could beAnd what should beOn the Silk Road

It’s a revolution of the common manSaying “just let us live our lives in peace”No sleepless nights,No crying childNo fear, you hear?No bloodshedNo thousands dead on CNNJust peace insteadOn the Silk Road

In ancient times this road transported Silk and satinHerbs and spicesCinnamon gingerClove and muskIvory jade glass and goldThe intercourse of mankind young and old

The Golden Peaches of SamarkandOstrich eggs and opiumBuddhism!

Traveling down the Silk Road Traveling down the Silk Road Bridging the gap between the familiesOf all mankindTraveling down the Silk Road

TodayThis same roadSpans the earthWeaving its silver threadTodayIn the same wayThoughts are bornAs their ideas spread

More and more the road goes inwardWeaving through paths of consciousnessSpanning the concepts of many a mindTraveling the innermost journeyYes more and more the road goes inwardTo a world beyond space and time

Today we still travel this roadIt’s a different timeBut the same old taleTrying to bridge two worldsBut on a larger scale

It happened in AmericaWith Martin Luther KingIt happened in IndiaWith Mahatma GandhiIt happened in EgyptWith the peopleThe common man    The common man        The common man

Traveling down the Silk Road Traveling down the Silk RoadChasing the Age of InformationAnd on we goTraveling down the Silk Road

Traveling down the Silk RoadTraveling down the Silk RoadBridging the thoughts and grand ideasOf all mankindTraveling down the Silk Road

Traveling down the Silk Road Traveling down the Silk RoadWeaving the silver threads of knowledgeWe spin our livesTraveling down the Silk Road