A Gift of Music for The New Year



Happy New Year, Everyone!

My immediate family lives a big city block away from Times Square. We live in apartments nearby with the ability to see little slivers of Times Square from our windows or balconies.  But, it's not what we can see.  Rather, it's what we can hear:  the roar of the crowd.  Because we can hear it, I can attest to the fact that the ball DID drop, and here we are in 2013!

As we move out into this beautiful New Year, I offer you a gift from LAST year.  And it really is fitting for THIS year:

It’s the gift of music. I understand music to be immortal, transcendent, healing, ageless and timeless. It’s power, though felt in the moment, carries on way past the actual performance, especially when captured, as it was on Christmas Eve, in a podcast. So, here you go! Here’s the podcast of my 2012 Christmas Eve Concert, given in conjunction with a truly inspiring talk on "Peace, Harmony and Healing" by international speaker, Robin Hoagland at Third Church of Christ, Scientist in New York City.

Listen to the Concert: [playlist tracks="3336"]  To listen to the entire evening, concert plus lecture, please click here.



Third Church, NYC puts on a free lecture event every year on Christmas Eve. It is, in fact, a tried and true tradition. People expect it. The Christmas Eve Lecture Event has been going on for literally decades. Folks come from all over the five city boroughs, (Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, etc.) and the whole tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT).

Families come before going on to dinners and gatherings. Casual passersby are drawn in by the wide open doors and the opportunity to participate in a meaningful Christmas Eve. Visitors and tourists from far away attend, too.

This year was no exception. We had a full house with people from all over the country. For example, a friend reported on Facebook that friends of his were in attendance, hailing from Winter Park, Florida.

And now, we can share this event with the world! This is what makes technology and the internet so incredible. A local event takes place, and we can share it out all over Planet Earth! It sure does give us the opportunity to feel close and connected. I love that.

I hope you enjoy the concert -- again, you can click here to listen: [playlist tracks="3336"]

2012 Christmas Concert and Lecture

2012 Christmas Concert and Lecture

And once more, if you would like to listen to the entire evening – the concert followed by Robin Hoagland's lecture, please click here.

Wishing you Peace, Harmony and Healing in 2013!

With love from Julia

Here's a program of the songs on the concert:

1.  When He Walks With Me -- by Julie Gold -- from the Silk Road CD 2.  Joy To The World -- Traditional, additional lyrics and arranged by Lloyd Larson 3.  Wonderful -- by Peter Link with text by Mary Baker Eddy and from the book of John -- from the Wonderful CD single 4.  Some Children -- by Alfred Burt -- from the Story For The Ages CD 5.  What Peace Looks Like -- by Peter Link and Julia Wade -- from the Silk Road CD 6.  Bring Us Peace  -- by Pamela Martin and Craig Courtney with Silent Night