All In A Day's Work

Julia rehearsing at the Sheen Center -- for Live Nation!

Julia rehearsing at the Sheen Center -- for Live Nation!

I was asked to make a special guest appearance this week at The Loreto Theater at NYC’s newest Arts Center, the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture. What a joy to perform for the audience that evening! During the day, however, I had the privilege of singing for an additional, but spontaneous audience: A group of folks from Live Nation, including the President of the East Coast division, came into the theatre during my sound check/rehearsal.

They were there to see the space, but they ended up coming up onto the stage after I had finished one of my pieces, and we all got to meet and talk. They continued on their tour of the center, and a few minutes later came back in through the balcony doors to see the media booth and equipment. Then they stayed long enough to listen to a second song! I’m especially excited because this was, for me, a chance to sing for the brass at Live Nation.

It was also great to preview the stage and facilities as a performer, as I am part of an amazing cast of folks who will be presenting a new concert project, “Is Anybody Listening” slated to open in June at the Sheen Center! More details to come, but for THIS day of music-making, I feel total gratitude and joy — all in a good day’s work! You never know who’s going to show up!

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