Back to the Future at TMC!

Julia at TMC in Boston

Julia at TMC in Boston

A return to a spiritual/musical home in my life!

Recently, I had the great privilege of attending the morning service on Sunday at The First Church of Christ, Scientist – also known as The Mother Church (TMC). It’s the worldwide headquarters of the Christian Science church where I served as the Soloist for 7 years.

It’s been 4 years since I took my last turn as Soloist at TMC, and it was a joy to return and be a part of the congregation.

While there, I felt the past, present and future all combined in one. The past: feeling the foundation of this church!, wonderful memories, being back in this grand place, and seeing friends and colleagues. The present: experiencing the perpetually holy and healing service in full bloom as a congregation member. The future: Sitting with a congregation of new faces which included new Readers about to begin their tenure!

My husband, Peter, and I enjoyed being there in person to hear our dear friend Norm Bleichman (Second Reader) , and First Reader Judy Olson conduct the service just before they finish their 3-year tenure in less than 2 weeks!

Though I was sorry to miss beautiful Co-Soloists, Rebecca Minor and Gwen Eagleton, it was really fun to hear live and meet in person for the first time, WFM artists Jay & Tessa Frost , the guest musicians for the service.

And how special and grand to hear my good friend Bryan Ashley play again! Though I listen to him on the internet, there’s nothing like being there in person to experience the music and that magnificent organ played by a master in that magnificent place.

What a joy to see some good friends, their little ones, staff members and church workers again — and the many new faces too! Probably more new than old!

It reminded me of the cycle of Life — it’s perpetual progress, transition, and change and yet, always Life! In an institution like this, the continuum is the church services that go on without fail against which the people form an intricate tapestry of unified change and evolution.

The past, the present and the future all combined to make for a sacred, holy, healing time on Sunday morning ...

Just like always!