Simple Praise for Thanksgiving



I love this time of the year.  It's a season for gratefulness.  It's a season for giving gratitude for the harvest of thought, action and progress manifested in our lives!

One of my favorite songs in my sacred repertoire, "Simple Praise," is one that I performed many times in church as well as recorded on my "Story For The Ages" CD.  It seems absolutely fitting to share with you now.

Just click the link below and listen to my full recording of "Simple Praise" by Craig Courtney and Pamela Martin.

This song was arranged and orchestrated by Peter Link, with a vocal arrangement by Margaret Dorn for additional vocals by Emily Bindiger, Margaret Dorn and Matthew Perri.  Bobby Stanton plays on guitar.  From start to finish, each person on this recording brought their wonderful talent, joy, and inspiration.

I hope that this song inspires you to see and acknowledge all of the good things in your life, even as you navigate daily challenges and obstacles.  I love to be reminded each year, during this season, of the transformation that can occur every day from the simple act of giving thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Harvest!  Happy Gratitude-Giving!

Listen to "Simple Praise"from my CD, Story For The Ages right here!

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Want to sing this for Thanksgiving? Click here for Simple Praise sheet music (choral version works great for solos).