East Coast Nor'Easters and California Shows


March came in like a Lion!  A Roaring Lion! A crazy Nor'easter Winter Storm visited us and brought with it a total power outage that lasted for days!

The view of our front yard.


At the end of our street.


My husband the Snow Man (aka Peter Link)


Two of our Snow Babies (Dark-Eyed Junco and Tufted Titmouse)


Night-time with no power in the neighborhood -- all was quiet and still  -- inside and out!


And we were very glad for the warmth and light!

However,  I was going out of town very soon ...

On the fourth day, we were told to expect another 4 to 5 day of no power.  Our son came out to get us all set up with a generator and we succeed in starting it up early in the evening of that 4th day.  With sighs of relief, I began to gather all of my dirty laundry together to take with me ... (no power, no washing machine!)

...BUT, 20 minutes after the generator went on, THE POWER RETURNED!!!  We were almost disappointed after a day's full effort to hook up and rig the generator from outside to bring its energy to the house.

Yes, it was ironic, but GREATLY appreciated:  I still had to pack and get out out of town the next morning for 2 months!

With the return of the power, I moved fast to do 5 loads of laundry, organize the house and pack.  I went to bed at 2 am and got up at 4 am to go to the airport.  I left my main squeeze, Peter Link, happily in the WARMTH and LIGHT.  It had been REALLY COLD during those 4 days of no power!

So how do you pack for the next 2-month adventure the night before? I’m a contingency traveler - I plan for a lot and take a lot.

So I took a lot!  I also packed up a box for Peter to send out later!

Thus, I flew to San Francisco, CA on one of those 6:30 am flights.  I was totally excited to jump into rehearsal for a beautiful musical, The People In The Picture, with a wonderful cast! The next adventure began very auspiciously with a trade of winter snows for temperate spring rains and sunshine.


I exchanged the Crazy Nor'easter for Springtime in the SF Bay Area -- pretty nice!


I settled into my daily walks and runs pretty fast -- not too hard in this environment!


And finally, here's some info on my show, The People In The Picture in San Jose, CA: https://3belowtheaters.com/events/the-people-in-the-picture/


More info on this coming soon!