The People In The Picture

What a joy to be a part of this very beautiful production of The People In The Picture in San Jose, CA. This fiercely funny and deeply moving new musical spans three generations and celebrates the importance of learning from our past and the power of laughter. More info here:


Julia Wade in the leading role of "Red" in The People In The Picture by Iris Rainer Dart, playwright and lyricist with music by Mike Stoller and Arty Butler.


Julia Wade (Red) with Susan Gundunas (Raisel/Bubbie) on stage in The People In The Picture.


The people in our picture: the actors, the musicians, the production designer and the playwright from “The People in the Picture.” All have created an amazingly beautiful production that deserves to be seen. Bring your hanky, now through May 13.


With Iris Dart (Beaches) the playwright and lyricist for The People In The Picture!