Saturday In the Park with George and Ira and Stephen and Cole and …


It’s Saturday, and I’m out in the park!

What it is: I bring the music in my head and in my iTunes -- at Nature's invitation, and I walk it all out, outside -- dreaming it, doing it, thinking it, imagining it. The lyrics, the characters, the meanings, the relationships, the circumstances, the wants and the whys, the rhythms and the doings all get a work out.


To some, it might seem like a very Unusual Way to rehearse. It's not. Things So Big, So Small come into focus on these journeys. I invite the people in my stories to join me and Come To My Garden. Somehow, they magically arrive on The Wings Of Music and there's always Something To Talk About. The Beauty Is we mostly talk about Nothing, Only Love, -- and to be So In Love!

And then some devastating someone stops me dead in my tracks and I get to feeling truly Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered -- and I can only ask, What Do You Call A Man Like That?

If I listen for the answer long enough, it reveals itself as some kind of Fable.

And that, of course, just jets us all Back To Before, and we mourn that inexorable drumbeat warning us that Every Day A Little Death approaches. That's when I Miss The Mountains, and I beg to ask Where Is The Warmth?

But everyone reminds me in perfect harmony that Somewhere Is Here. Then I never cease to wonder incredulously How Could I Ever Know any of this without these fantastic people -- this tribe of my imagination?

Ahhh!! ... For now, we bid our fond farewells. As I savor these Moments In the Woods, I can see that It Was Very Good, and ... Good For You.

Always, though, when I return home, I could drink A Case Of You.

~Lovingly dedicated to all #theatergeeks and #theaterlovers.

You know who you are! 🤓🎭💞