A Note from Me to You!


Hey Friends!

It’s a joy to get to say hello to you from my new website! So …



First things first:

You can read my official professional bio by clicking on the About Tab and choosing About Julia. Resume, Press and Headshots and all that other good stuff can be found up above on the Nav Bar.

And now, here are a few facts about me:

I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old, climbing the willow tree out back and making up songs about the sun and the flowers.  I made my public stage debut in which I starred as the Old Woman in The Old Woman and The Chicken in First Grade. 

I came out onto the stage in full costume, said my first line, and the whole audience broke into laughter.  I remembered thinking, “I LIKE this!” 

The rest is history…

I moved all around the country as a kid, attending 5 elementary schools in 5 states, 1 junior high, 2 high schools in 2 states, and earned a college degree out west. I sang with a repertory opera company during my college and post college years, and finally, after post-graduate professional studies in Italy and Los Angeles, I landed in New York.   

I began my professional career in opera and musical theater.  I also performed for 5 years as a cabaret artist in New York City.

It was a fantastic experience to move between large and small performance venues. It was in the cabaret clubs where I found that intimate communication with my audience and learned to take that to every venue and stage since. Later, I performed at venues across the US and also internationally at The Palermo Opera and The Rome Opera. Ironically, it was at these Italian opera houses that I began to seriously work in musical theater!

Pretty soon, my recording and concert career took off. 

13 solo albums later, I also have a plethora of other recorded projects to my credit – cast concept albums, children’s albums, and compilation albums with other artists.  

During this time, I made a 7-year journey deep into the heart of Inspirational music as both a Soloist at a major international church center where I was broadcast live over the internet 3 times per week and developed a worldwide audience. As a Concert Artist, I toured my inspirational concerts all around the country — north, south, east and west.

Then, the theater called me yet again! 

I was nominated and won for 2018 Best Featured Actress in a Musical on Broadwayworld.com for the San Francisco Region.

This was for my portrayal of “Red” in the West Coast Premiere of The People In The Picture.

In New York City, I co-starred in an Off Broadway production called “Is Anybody Listening? – Theatrical Concert and Webcast”

This was a two year project that culminated in live theatrical performances at the Sheen Center’s Loreto Theater as well as numerous webcasts of the concert and a live cast recording. 

I am so grateful to be working in the theater — to be living wonderful characters, telling their stories, and interacting with fantastic folks both onstage and off.

I love the opportunity to touch lives and inspire hope and solution through this most collaborative and generous medium of live theatrical performance. 

It’s a privilege to serve in this way …

… and it’s a TOTAL JOY to do so!  

With love,