What A Year!


I’ve been undercover this past year.  Under wraps, so to speak. 

Beneath the surface it’s been fast and furious and full – so very full of rich experiences.


But wait, let me back up. 

Two years ago, I made a commitment to move my career back into the theater.

The minute I made that commitment, a perfect role landed right in my lap.  I won the role of Red in The People in the Picture which garnered an award for Broadway World’s 2018 Best Featured Actress in a Musical in the San Francisco region.

Realizing that yes, I’m on my road, I wanted to truly prepare and do it right.  As artists, we understand that preparation is key, and we are always in some form of training, always working at our craft.  I committed to further professional training in New York City this past year.

What a year.  What an amazing and fantastic year! 

I have worked with some of the most amazing teachers of my life in professional classes and workshops in NYC while getting back to auditioning.

 I began auditioning for Equity Principal Auditions, singing for casting directors and introducing myself. I was invited into a top-level musical theater workshop for theatrical professionals.  I took cold reading and audition classes, worked out in advanced acting and scene study classes, and got my monologue jam on.  I found my acting home and my theater craft home where I will always return for in-depth workouts in technique and stagecraft. 

I must also mention my voice teacher, and musical and acting coaches and directors. They long ago formed the backdrop to my ongoing work. Gratitude abounds for all of these mentors, old and new.

One year later, my Broadway Audition Songbook is literally a concert’s worth of incredible material curated just for me, and morphed into my soul.  I also love sharing my monologues!

One of the most incredible effects of this work was the absolute necessity of reading plays and musical books and singing through material.  I am hooked for life.  Wilson, Pinter, Williams, Inge, Miller, Herzog, Sondheim, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Norman and Simon, and oh so many more have re-inhabited my imagination and work!

Finally, -- full disclosure here -– did I tell you that I have been in dance class now for a solid year and continuing on?  No? You didn’t know that?  Well, it’s true!  I LOVE this class!

So ... This past year has gone by with lightning speed. 

Yes, the classes have kicked me hard from here to the moon in the best way!

And …

I also recorded on a concept album for a new Broadway musical, Searching For My Father.

I played 3 very different characters and sang amazing songs and ensemble pieces for each lady. (Eve, The Handmaiden and Ruth)

Which brings us to my current project: The Christmas Album!

 It’s been Christmas in June, July, August and now, September!

I’ve been dreaming about Old St. Nick, choirs of angels and that incredible little world-changing baby sleeping on a mere bed of hay.

Arriving soon: New blog posts on the Christmas Album … and more — I invite you to stay tuned!

(To get in on the ground floor, check out Peter Link’s articles on the Christmas album on his blog, Sparks From The Fire.)