Session Day At The Studio!


It's about those pens!

AND it’s all the trail markers they help me create! With them, I make a map of my lyrics and script as I work my way through laying down vocals for this piece today.

I'm recording for a new musical! It has kept me coming into the studio for months as the creative team keeps finishing new sections. They are almost done with Phase 1 of this huge process!

Today's work reminds me of how grateful I am for the opportunity to be a part of creating character and story for a brand new project -- literally hot off the presses of the creatives!

There is something incredibly exciting in the exploration of a new work -- no interpretations have gone before, so it's a grand climb up a new mountain!

By the end of each session, my lyric sheets and script pages are filled with all of those trail markers and signs pointing me in the right direction as I work to lay down the desired vocals.

I love this process!

What exciting new mountains are you climbing in your endeavors?

Recording Day at the Studio .jpg