Christmas with Julia Wade and Friends - Part 1: Jenny Burton


I work in a very collaborative medium and yet, when it comes to solo recording projects, it can start to feel a little lonely sometimes.

 That’s why it is such a pleasure and a joy to work with friends and admired colleagues whenever possible on my recordings.


This year, when we set out to do the Christmas album, we knew that this would be my 14th solo album …

And yet, this was for Christmas! 

It had to be shared differently this time.  The opportunity was just too wonderful to not invite others into this project!

So, as you may have discovered on Peter Link’s blog, three very wonderful friends are joining me on the album.

 And they are …

 Jenny Burton, Rebecca Minor, and of course our hero producer and songwriter Peter Link! 

 OH!  AND … a Very Special Surprise Guest. (You’ll have to wait to get the album!)

 Today’s blog post, then, Part 1, is all about Jenny Burton!


 Simply stated, Jenny Burton is a most treasured friend in my life.  We share remarkable and unique connections with family, friends and industry professionals.  We have been there for one another both personally and artistically.

I count Jenny to be one of my most enduring musical influences.  It’s true that we could not be more different as singers and musical artists, but I have learned from her by her example, her singing and her instinctual approach to music.

Jenny has “sistered” me through many artistic moments in my career with advice, and recommendations.  I have always tried to pay it forward with others  --  that kind of priceless attention and care for other artists.  Jenny has taught me the value of sharing and caring for our fellow colleagues in this most intense and difficult career path.

I see Jenny as the wise woman that she is. She preaches the truth with a laser beam intensity and compassion — it comes pouring through her music and we feel the depth of her life-experiences.  

Long before I knew her, Jenny started out singing in Church.  Gospel music was her foundational musical language.  She went on to become a nationally known R&B pop artist with Atlantic Records.  She became best known around the country as a top Dance Music artist.

Later, Jenny headlined in her own group, The Jenny Burton Experience where she sang a glorious mixture of R&B, pop and gospel music with a choir of 9 amazing session singers.  Together she and her group played sold out performances each week for 7 years in New York City. 

In recent years, Jenny’s musical roots led her back to sing Inspirational and Gospel music where her talents are beautifully expressed on her inspirational album, “I Think On These Things.” 

 In 2016, it was a privilege for me to co-star with Jenny in an off-Broadway production of “Is Anybody Listening?”  – a theatrical concert and webcast that focused on world problems and healing solutions.

Today, Jenny Burton is singin’ up a storm on multiple projects — most notably, for our purposes, she brings herself to THIS album!

 Jenny has this incredible voice such that when you hear a single note, you feel that you have dropped into a complete and uncommon universe of depth and meaning. 

When I listen to Jenny sing, I am swept away by the experience.  

So come get swept away with me!

The album is scheduled to be released in early November 2019. 

Next up:  Christmas With Julia Wade and Friends — Part 2: Rebecca Minor