Christmas with Julia Wade and Friends - Part 2: Rebecca Minor


Rebecca Minor – Oh, how I love this Sister Singer!

Rebecca is a petite but powerful force and when she sings, her tone bespeaks an intelligence and maturity as well as a gorgeous purity.


I have always loved listening to Rebecca sing — and I have always loved listening to her sing her own songs in particular.  Rebecca’s got this sweet high pop voice that soars and serenades with a really wonderful pop vibrato that is so indelibly her own signature.  And that purity of tone draws me in and makes me listen to her message.

Years ago, I remember Rebecca showing up on the doorstep of Peter Link’s studio.  If memory serves, she was a newcomer to New York City, and as many before her, she came to gain access to good advice on career-building in the arts. 

 Many people listen and leave.  But Rebecca listened and stayed. 

Rebecca started studying lyric and song writing, as well as studio production with Peter Link. 

As she continued with her studies, at a certain point, Rebecca suddenly had close to a dozen songs that she had written, produced, and recorded.  She also created and provided the sheet music for others to sing and perform.  What a complete musician! Rebecca quickly became one of the youngest artists on Watchfire Music, and to this day, her music sells beautifully to listening fans and to church soloists all over the world! Click here to check out Rebecca’s music catalogue.

 During these years, I watched -- and listened -- as this classically trained singer transformed into a unique contemporary artist and singer of her own original music. 

Along the way, Rebecca found her own path of singing Inspirational and sacred music in churches, as well as concertizing and recording.  

Rebecca Minor’s album, Chasing Light - click album image to listen and download!

Rebecca Minor’s album, Chasing Light - click album image to listen and download!

Eventually, our performing paths intersected.  As I left my 7-year position as Soloist of a major international church in Boston, Rebecca began making regular guest appearances there as they searched for the next Soloist.  And sure enough, she became one of the regular Co-Soloists of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, where she is currently finishing out her 7th year! 

It has been exciting to listen to Rebecca evolve in her music and artistry over the years!  I want to add here, with Rebecca’s permission, that it has been a total privilege for me to be a musical mentor in her life. Mostly I have loved seeing her finding her light and standing in it with with well-won strength and confidence. It’s really all part of that wonderful “sistering” I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog series!

And by the way, during these last 7 years, Rebecca met, fell in love with and married her soul mate — and their son was born almost 2 years ago!  All this — while she commuted back and forth from Florida to Boston to sing healing music for an international audience.  Not too many of us can say we did that!

I think of Rebecca as one of my sweetest sisters in music. She actually texted me recently and said, “You are seriously my sister from another mister.”  Yes, indeed, Ms. Rebecca!  Absolutely agreed!

And finally, one of my favorite things about Rebecca is her sense of humor and her ability to quickly create funny little phrases in the spontaneity of the moment. 

Anyone who has ever studied with, or been on a session with Peter Link knows how intense, professional and demanding he can be in those instances. It’s all for the sake of everyone getting it as right as possible. 

One day, years ago, when Rebecca came to see Peter after a concert, she quipped, “Oh, I know, I am here for notes because last night I got LINKED by Peter Link!”

Well, Rebecca, thanks for being on this album.  We ALL got LINKED in only the best way as we worked on this gorgeous Christmas project together!

PS – I can’t wait for y’all to hear Rebecca sing her special song on the album, “My Friend Gabriel” written just for her by Mr. Link himself!

The album is scheduled to be released in early November 2019. 

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