Photo Shoot NYC Style


We are getting close to the finish line! Yesterday was a wonderful day takin' pictures for the Christmas album and more -- with the wonderful Eric Stephen Jacobs!

Eric and I have worked together on many projects -- headshots, album covers and more. And we got to do it again!

We had a totally fun and creative New York day together. The weather forecast was sunny in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon — this photographer’s dream lighting for outdoor headshots. The night before there was only a 20% chance of rain around 5 pm. no problem!

HOWEVER, by 6 am yesterday morning, there was a 40% chance of rain by 3 pm.


We were slated for a 2 to 2:30 start time for the shoot, pending make up and set up. Sooooo we pushed everything up by an hour and a half. Hair at 10 in Chelsea, makeup at 11:30 on the Upper West Side with Eric and then we hit the street just after 1 pm.

There was not a cloud in the sky for the first half hour. Then we were graced with that perfect mix of clouds and sunshine for about an hour.

It was the usual fun, quirky, silly reactions from tourists passing us on the side walk, and the equally usual nonchalance and semi-interest from New Yorkers who are beyond used to seeing everything and anything happening in the moment on any given block!

When we got to the section of the shoot for the album cover and Christmas was happening in the photos (no, I am not giving anything away here!!) … even the New Yorkers passing by started calling out comments, rubber-necking and giggling.

A bicyclist yelled as he peddled by us, “Hey is it Christmas already?” There were a few folks who took stealth photographs of our scene-in-progress as they continued up the street.

At one point, Eric was clicking away on his camera while I had my back to all the passersby. He stopped and started chuckling. A whole bunch of tourists were coming up the block, and when the saw us, they slowed down and tried to tiptoe through the photo so as not to bother us! So sweet and funny!

Add to all of that, about an hour in, a jack hammer started ringing in our ears less than a half block up the street from us on our side. And THEN a huge mac truck pulled up right next to us and stayed parked for the duration of the shoot, with its engine roaring. We could no longer hear one another for all of this city noise though we were were a mere 4 to 6 feet apart at any given point. Hand signals, head tilts, laughter and a few colorful shouts prevailed.

We finished right around 3:30 pm and the rain started a few minutes later.

Par for the course! Always in New York!